Natural False Eyelashes

Picture yourself applying your vegan lashes, ones that you know are going to suit your eye shape, looking in the mirror and instantly feeling like you own any room. Imagine never having to think to yourself “do I look okay?” ever again.

When you want to feel instant confidence while being a part of the bigger movement, Monarchy Lash Co. is the answer to comfortable, luxury, natural lashes that enhance your eye shape while producing less waste in our world. 


These are some of the highest quality lashes I've ever worn AND one of the few lashes I've been able to apply myself!


By far one of the most comfortable pair of lashes I've ever worn! Will definitely be buying more!!

Alyssa P.

12/10 RECOMMEND and it feels cool wearing something that I know was made with love and local sass <3

Erika A.
Cruelty Free

All of our vegan eyelashes are made of a luxury, synthetic fibre, not tested on animals, and are handcrafted by industry leading experts paid a fair living wage.

Highest Quality

Monarchy natural false lashes are created to be lightweight, flattering to your natural eye shape, and the highest quality. All of our lashes have an ultra slim band for maximum, all day comfort. With proper care, Monarchy lashes can be worn over 25 times.

Sustainable Packaging

All of our packaging, from lash tray to shipping labels, are made from recycled materials, are recyclable and/or biodegradable.


Monarchy Lash Co.'s mission is to provide you with luxury experience, high quality lashes designed to enhance your natural eye shape, and becoming the vessel for change in the beauty industry with all recyclable and biodegradable packaging.