About Us

The Founder: Hello, my name is Julia Piccoli. I'm a serial entrepreneur with a love for makeup and helping people feel confident by embodying their unique brilliance. 

My journey into creating Monarchy Lash Co. started was when I started to learn more about the importance of self-care and falling in love with false lashes in 2016. One of the biggest factors that held me and so many back was confusion on what lashes would look best and how to apply them. I would take my lashes home, put them on, and they just did not suit my face, leading me to feel less confidence about myself internally and externally.

After talking to peers, strangers, friends, I saw a trend: finding the perfect lash was like an impossible treasure hunt, but when you did find it, you felt like the most confident person in any room.

The perfect lash to us means:

✓ enhances your natural eye shape and beauty
✓ effortless to apply (whether you're a beginner to expert)
✓ comfortable for all day, every day wear
✓ lasts for 25+ wears, so you're saving money and creating less waste
✓ great packaging, experience, and product without sacrificing sustainability

and we have checked all the boxes. 

As I started to learn more about sustainability and how important it is, I very quickly realized how the beauty industry negatively impacts the planet. An estimated 120 billion units of packaging are produced every year by the global cosmetics industry, most of which are not recyclable. Scientists suggest that by 2050, about 12,000 metric tons of plastic waste will be in landfills or the natural environment.

I knew this needed to change. If not me, then who?

At Monarchy, we believe the glow up starts with self-love. Makeup, lashes, and expressing your creativity can become a daily ritual to show yourself some love and boost your confidence. Not only do we provide the lashes to help you feel your best, but we provide self-care tips, affirmations, tools, and more. 

Monarchy's mission is to provide you with luxury experience, high quality lashes designed to enhance your natural eye shape and cultivate confidence, while becoming the vessel for change in the beauty industry with all recyclable and biodegradable packaging.

I am so grateful and honoured to be the first to welcome you into our Monarchy 🦋